Webinar – Artificial General Intelligence – Paul Salmon – The International Ergonomics Association (IEA)

Artificial General Intelligence (AI) is like a runaway train. There has been little regulation or ethical and Human Factors integration. I highly recommend listening to Paul Salmon discuss this topic as part of the IEA webinair series on the Future of Workand read the lastest open paper from Paul and his colleagues in the Ergonomic International Journal. “Forcasting the emergent risks in advanced AI systems and an analysis of a future road transport management system.”

Aphirm Toolkit – HFESA Podcast with Jodi Oakman

Podcast – Humans Factors and Ergonomics in the Parramatta Light Rail Project

On behalf of the HFESA, Karl Rich CPE and Sharon Todd CPE are discussing HF Integration and the Parramatta Light Rail project in Sydney Australia.ÂThe methods and tools used to populate the HFE risk register, the use of first principals,  mock ups, virtual reality, anthropometry, simulation and the usability studies in this project are discussed.

Karl Rich has 30 years’ international experience in the provision of consultancy in Human Factors and training to a wide range of safety critical Industries, including rail, oil and gas, marine, process control, medical products, aerospace and defence. 

He has worked in human factors consultancy for 25 years, prior to which he was Head of Human Factors at the Institute of Naval Medicine, UK Ministry of Defence. 
In the UK, European, Chinese, and Australian rail sectors, Karl has worked extensively on both the supply-side and the operator-side of projects as a consultant, Human Factors Delivery Manager, Project Manager and Human Factors Integrator. 

He has worked  in the rail sector on all types of assets in both operational and design engineering domains and is well used to working in, and leading, multi-disciplinary teams. His deep cross-industry experience in human factors integration enables him to quickly get up to speed on any projects where HF and safety are a critical focus. 

Since arriving in Australia in 2017, Karl’s numerous projects have included major infrastructure projects, such as Sydney Trains’ Electrical Isolations Improvement Program (EIIP), the Parramatta Light Rail project, the Melbourne Tunnel Project, Evolution Rail, Country Rail Network control room builds and train control system design, Canberra Light Rail extension, and several major tunnel projects in NSW and VIC. 

Karl is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors, and a Certified Professional Ergonomist, Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia. 

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